• Bamboo Bikes in Mandalay!

    Ever wanted to ride a Bamboo Bike before? Well, now is your chance to!

    Bamboo Bike Tour

    Encourage and eco-friendly environment by riding Bamboo bikes!

    If you've ever heard of Bamboo Bikes, you probably wondered, what in the world does it look like?? Well rest assured, the Bamboo Bikes are like other bikes, but their frame is made out of Bamboo. It is sturdy, nice looking and friendly to the environment.
    Whether normal bikes or Bamboo bikes, the price is the same.


    Price - 41$ per person

    Start time - 8 am or 2 pm

    Duration - 3 hours and 30 minutes

    Meeting point - Shwe Ingyin hotel, Corner of 30th and 78th St, Mandalay.


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