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Top places to visit in Myanmar

· Myanmar

Myanmar has a large varieties of travel attraction. It is renowned as a destination filled
with rich in culture and heritage. As such kind of incredible destination, you can learn about our
cultural heritage and unexplored natural resources in Bagan, Inle lake, along the Irrawaddy river
and some beaches like Myaik-Kawthaung, Ngapali, etc. Thus, Myanmar is filled with plenty of
fascinating cultural attractions that still never fail to capture the heart of our local people and

Besides the famous places in Myanmar such as: Yangon, Mandalay. We would like to introduce you top another places that you also can experience Myanmar in a new way.

1. Inle Lake

Inle lake in Myanmar

Inle Lake is the second largest lake in Myanmar which is located at Taunggyi district in the Shan
State. Inle Lake is one of the tourist attraction places in our country.
It is famous for the leg-rolling boat riding and the floating villages. There is the best way to
experience the Inle Lake; taking a ride on one of the slender long tail wooden boats and enjoying
the silence and emptiness of the lake while floating on the board. After riding the boat along Inle
Lake, you can go forth and explore the other area. Other things to see and do in the Inle Lake
region include learning about traditional weaving and handicrafts, admiring the beauty of Phaung
Daw Oo Pagoda.

2. Bagan

Sunset in Bagan

Bagan is as a breathtaking destination spot on the list of the best places to visit in Myanmar.
Riding the hot-air balloon is highly recommended to see the sunset view in Bagan. Most of the
travelers who head this way leave with a distinct sense of awe and amazement.
And it’s easy to see why! The countless temple tops pierce the clouds and the forests and the
ancient Stupas. Riding balloon to see the entirely Bagan is becoming increasingly popular, and
offers a truly unique view over this 26-square-mile land of temples.

3. Myaik-Kawthaung

Myaik Kawthaung

Myeik-Kawthaung is located in the lowermost part of Myanmar. Since Kawthaung has become
an island-hopping adventures hotspot for travellers in Myanmar. There are two popular islands to
visit are either Cocks Comb Island, which has a lagoon in the shape of a heart or Nyaung Oo
Phee Island, which is framed by soft white sand beaches.

Moreover, Myeik is surrounded by unexplored corals, fish and sea life, then where tourists can
island hop, snorkel, and scuba dive to their heart’s content. At night, it's aesthetic when the boats have their lights on.

4. Adventure climbing to the peak of Mount Victoria

Mount Victoria

Mount Victoria, which is known as Nat-Ma-Taung, is located in the Chin State. This mountain
has recently improved in accessibility and since the number of travelers there has risen in these
years. Although climbing to the peak of the mountain takes about two or three hours, the
breathtaking scenery from above will prove this hike to be worth the sweat.

5. Ngapali


Ngapali is Myanmar’s premier beach destination which is located on the Bay of Bengal coast in
Rakhine State. Some part of the Ngapali Beach is unexplored, thus adventure travelers who you
all are welcome to our beach.
Not only Ngapali is about relaxing and enjoying the sun but also to do other activities which
include cycling around some of the local villages, taking trips on local fishing boats, snorkeling
or scuba diving among the colorful fish.
Playing surfing can be made during the monsoon season, which is the quietest time of year in
Ngapali. This can be a lovely time of year to visit to Ngapali.

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