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Yangon - Your bucket list in Myanmar

· Yangon

1. Take a ride on circular train

Circular train in Yangon

The best way to meet Myanmar local people and riding 2.5 hours to take the whole Yangon sightseeing view which costs you only 200 Kyats (~10 Cent). Have a look out from the window, you can see the landscape gradually changes from urban city to rural countryside. Local people who are on the train from local kids going to school, monks going to accept offerings of food, and many people heading to work, there is so much life on those trains.

On the half journey, the bustling Danyingone market station welcomes you with the Myanmar locals buying and selling a selection of fresh colorful flowers, snacks as well as an array of unique items. Thus, you can try to taste some local food and fresh fruits and vegetables recently plucked from the field when you’re hungry.

Since Myanmar local people are friendly and kind, you have your chance to talk local people and take photos left right, without noticing 2.5 hours had passed by.

2. Tasting the local Food in Yangon

Yangon street Food

Yangon has various kinds of ethnic groups who live in and variety of religions. In Yangon, you can taste a lot of flavors as you wish. However, Mohinga (Myanmar national dish) which you can taste at every tea house in Yangon. You also can experience the Myanmar Salad, delicious local pork offal hotpot, Shan noodle, Hsa-Nwin-Ma-Kin dessert, Ohn-Noh-Khout-Swe (Coconut noodle), Rakhine noodle. And 19 street is a highly recommend as a BBQ street.

You also can join our Yangon Food Tour which helps you to taste all of the best Myanmar Food as the a local lives.

3. Visit to Shwedagon Pagoda

Shwedagon Pagoda

Traveling to Myanmar, no matter how many enjoyable people you met, or how many places you visited here, though, your trip will not be complete until you view the Shwedagon Pagoda.

This is the famous and glorious Pagoda in Myanmar. Visit Shwedagon pagoda, you will see Myanmar local people worship and pray the Buddha stupas with candle or joss stick. Enjoy the peaceful and fresh air while you are at the pagoda area. The best time to visit Shwedagon Pagoda is the sunset time.

Entrance fee: 10,000 Kyats per guest (Foreigner only)

4. Doing a cycling tours in Dala, Yangon

Cycling tour in Yangon

Yangon is a city which is sometimes full of traffic jam and many people. If you find a break to relax, take a cycle with Bamboo bicycle Tour.

After a short ferry crossing you arrive in a completely different world (Dala). It is hard to believe you are only a few hundred meters from Yangon.

Exploring Dala is the best way to have an opportunity to meet sweet and friendly Myanmar local people by cycling around the villages in Dala which can learn the village life all the way long how they make their livings: farming, handicrafts as well. You can learn their daily life while you are passing through the villages.

5. Visiting to Bogyoke market

Bogyoke Aung San Market

Former name “Bogyoke Aung San” market is known as “Yangon Scott” market which is in the style of colonial building. So, the visitors can see the colonial architecture as well as it’s inner cobblestone streets surrounded by the clothing stores, traditional handicraft and art galleries, and jewelry shops. You can buy variety of traditional colorful longgyi as you like. You can try to wear some of the jade bracelets as well as necklace which our Myanmar local people believe to be lucky. There are also a lot of places for Looking around and finding the most suitable item would be fun. Not only Myanmar but also Chinese food stalls are in the market. Moreover, Bogyoke market is nearer to City mall named Junction City on the main Bogyoke Aung San road.

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