• Mandalay - Frequently Asked Questions

    A lot of answers to commonly asked questions can be found below. If you don't find the answer to a specific question, we encourage you to get in touch with us via the Contact Us section of the menu.


    1. Do I drive my own motorbike on the tour?

    Unfortunately no. It is against Myanmar law to drive without a Myanmar driving license.

    Our team of licensed guides have many years of experience driving safely in Mandalay City and we are happy to drive you around on the tours. This also allows you to pay more attention to the sights and sounds of the city without worrying about hundreds of other motorbikes on the road.

    2. Is it safe to ride a motorbike in Mandalay?

    Driving in Mandalay City is actually safe. Despite the chaotic driving conditions, everyone follows a rhythm and you will see, nobody wants to hit nobody so they weave and turn to avoid accidents.

    3. Are we allowed to hug or hold onto our drivers?

    Myanmar people are actually quite conservative about touching. In order to be respectful to our Myanmar culture, we recommend you to please hold on to the back of the motorbike as shown by our guides.

    4. Will we allow you to drive our motorbikes?

    For liability reasons, we cannot permit our customers to drive our motorbikes.


    1. What happens if it rains during the tours?

    Rain is quite common, especially during the rainy season (from end of May to at least end of October).

    If it rains very heavily, we will pull over and wait for it to stop and then continue. If it is a light rain, we will put on our rain ponchos and continue the tour.


    1. Your tours include street food. Is it safe to eat?

    Every traveler knows that when you are trying many food from different countries you always run the risk having a bad reaction to the food. Myanmar is no exception and unfortunately we cannot guarantee that you will not get sick from the food on our tours.

    However alot of street food is actually safer in many ways than food you get from a restaurant:


    - Street food has a very high turnover and it is, therefore, always fresh.

    -The restaurants that we pick are popular with local people.

    -Every restaurant that we include on our tours is carefully checked by us to ensure that the food is prepared in a safe and hygienic manner.

    2. Can you cater to my food allergies/restrictions?


    Mandalay has many different foods to choose from and we are able to create a tour that caters to most diets.

    When you book your tour please specify your dietary restrictions and we will design a tour that meets your needs.

    3. What is the maximum group size for the tour?

    In order to give you the best possible experience, we strive to keep our tour groups small.

    Our Bicycle tour can accommodate 10 people at most, our Motorbike tours can accommodate group of 8 at most.

    If you have a larger group please send an inquiry and we will do our best to accommodate.

    4. How much time before the tour do I need to finish booking?

    Our tours should be booked one day in advance to make sure our guides are available.

    5. What should I bring on the tours?

    For our tours you need very little as we provide most of what you will need.

    During the daytime tours, we strongly recommend that you bring sunscreen and sunglasses with you as the sun can be quite strong. During the evening tours, you shouldn't need to bring anything extra.

    A camera is always a good addition however we urge you not to take pictures while on the motorbike as this can be quite dangerous. If you wish to take pictures, please ask your guides to pull over. Also please take extra care of your camera in order to avoid theft.

    6. What clothes should I wear on my tour?

    For our bicycle tours we recommend that you dress in active wear as you will be riding a bicycle in the heat. For the evening tours on motorbike shorts and t-shirts are ideal or light pants are also suitable. The sun in Myanmar is quite strong and even though you wear sunscreen, it is quite easy to get a sunburn.

    We strongly recommend that during our tours you leave all jewelry such as necklaces and earrings in your hotel in order to prevent them from being stolen. In addition, women shouldn’t wear skirts or dresses.


    1. What payment methods do you accept and what currencies can I use?

    We accept online payments only. You can book through varies online partners or directly through our website. It's always cheapest here on our website. The payments are calculated only in USD and exchange rate will depend on your own banks policy.

    2. What is your cancellation policy?

    With more than 48 hours before the tour, 100% refund, between 48 - 24 hours 50% refund, with less than 24 hours 0% refund.

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